Presentation Gift for Change of Command  
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To order, please fill in the blanks below.  Bonnie will soon need to know the exact wording you would like for the custom engraved plaque(s).  The first smaller plaque usually contains the rank and name of the recipient.  The second larger engraved plaque provides allowance for three additional sentences to commemorate a special occasion with words of choice.  The wording (all in captial letters) is entirely up to you.  If more information is required, please let Bonnie know and she will communicate the details to accomodate your request.  

Please enter your shipping address in the comment section and allow 4 - 6 weeks for production.  Rush orders will be subject to additional charges if Bonnie is able to fulfill them in the time you require.  

Kindly provide your phone number so Bonnie can call at a convenient time to obtain your Visa or Mastercard number.  

If you have any questions regarding Bonnie's works or are interested in having your badge or crest made into a beautiful collectible, please let her know.  She will get back to you as soon as possible.





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